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PRINT OUT the Study Guide and bring to class if you want your own copy to write on. It is located at the bottom of this page. You must complete 4 sections per chapter.
This is DUE the day of the final. You may complete more sections for extra points.
La tienda project due Thursday and Friday
7A examen tomorrow or Friday
Know stem changing verbs, vocab p 342 and demonstrative adjectives
TAREA #10: Bring 25 blank flashcards DUES Tues. 17/5
TAREA #9: P. 326 #4, and P. 326 #6 (Write 5 mini conversations)
Complete 5 de mayo worksheet both sides! DUE Monday!
Ratake 6B after school Tuesday!
Quizlet 7A due Sunday at midnight!
Flashcards, Learn, Test and 1 game.
Complete another task for an extra 10 points.
I need magazines!!! PArticipation Points
I need magazines for a class activity Tuesday, May 10th. Please bring in up to 4 magazines with people in them. We are studying a clothing unit. # class participation points per magazine.
TAREA #8:COPY Vocab. 7A/Include Grammar too! P.341 Spanish/English
Tarea #7: 6B Crucigrama
QUIZLET 6B Extra Credit!
Since we won't be in the computer lab before the 6B test, I decided to make the Quizlet 6B extra credit.
Flashcards, Learn and Test
DUE; Sunday May 1st at noon!

EXAMEN 6B lunes 2/5
Know vocab P 318
Know Tú commands! Irregulars too!
Know El Presente Progresivo
TAREA #6: P. 308 #126,P. 309 #18
Tarea #5: P. 304 #10 answer questions in Spanish.
TAREA #4: P# 306 #13&14
Tarea #3: Vocabulario 6B P.318 (Spanish/English) Include the Grammar Parts too!
Tarea #2: Colorea por # (2)
6A Examen de Vocabulario lunes 11/4
El Comparativo Citas 3:00 Printed Lab activity DUE Monday! Bring Colored Pencils Monday for an activity after the 6A test!
TAREA #1: Complete both sides of the 6A vocab worksheet(you only have to find 20 word in the wordsearch)
Tarea #10: Write 8 sentences using the verb Dormir and 8 sentences using Poder (stemchanging) include the English translations!
Stampsheet DUE tomorrow!
TAREA #9: P. 284 #22 Write paragraph, & answer questions in Spanish Activity #23
P. 277 #6 Mi Dormitorio
Draw a Bird's eye view of your actual room or dream room.
Titile it Mi Dormitorio
Label 8 things in Spanish (p. 294)
Write 7 sentences about your room using SER or ESTAR
If you are presenting tomorrow, be sure to COLOR your presentation. I called your name in class if you needed to present tomorrow.
If you are not presenting, you do not have to color it:)

Quizlet 6A DUE Satuday!
As usual, you do:
1 Game
Extra credit: Complete 1 additional activity!
Colorea Por Número DUE tomorrow!
Print out the Color by # activity we did in the computer lab Wednesday.
Include 10 colors in Spanish P. 294.
Tarea #8: Vocab 6A p. 294 Spanish/English
Computer Lab tomorrow!
Presentations TOmorrow! Diálogos!
Make sure you make a printed copy for me to read when you present! It is your final draft!
TAREA #7: Vocab p 268 /20 pictures and Vocabulary in Spanish on the back!
5B Examen Lunes 14/7
Comp Books DUE Friday!
Typed Dialogues DUE tomorrow! One copy to turn in per pair.
Remember your accent code keys!
8 lines each person.
Make sure it has a title
Ex. En el Cine
Use vocabulary we have studied,
A line is more than one word. Something needs to happen. It is a skit.
TAREA #6: P#256 #11 COPY LETTER (USE venir), P. #257 #14( Answer ?S about a party in Spanish)
SER and ESTAR Computer Lab Document DUE Monday in class!
Don't forget to have your sentences and pictures numbered according to the rules they represent. There are 6 sentences and 6 pictures total. Print them out to turin in if you did not hand it in on Thursday.
Quizlet 5B DUE midnight on Sunday
Computer Lab Tomorrow!!!!
I will post the computer lab activities tomorrow!
TAREA #5: P. 252 Describe 5 people and write 4 sentences about each one in Spanish. (NOT Eduardo)
TAREA #4; 5B Vocabulario (P. 268) Write in Spanish and English
TAREA #3: P 232 #18 (Write Paragraph), P.233 #19 Write OUT answer!
Quizlet 5A due Thursday at midnight!
Extra 10 points to complete another game or speller
5A TENER vocab TEST! lunes 22/2
5 TENER printed pictures and 5 TENER sentences DUE Friday! (19/2) Different subjects and uses!
TAREA #2: Complete both sides of the ER/IR worksheet
Computer Lab M201 Tuesday, February 16th!
Tarea #10: Translate #1-8 to English p. 224-225
Quizlet 4B TAsks due by midnight tonight.
Great preparation for your vocab. test tomorrow.
Do Flashcards, Learn, test and one game, These tasks should be completed not just started. You can get an extra 10 points by doing one more task. SPELLER
VOCAB 4B Test tomorrow P.218
Know how to translate sentences from Spanish to English using the vocabulary on P.218
Know how to write sentences with feelings and ESTAR
Know how to use the future tense IR + A + Inifinitive
Know how to use the verb JUGAR and sports and going places in the present tense.
TAREA #9: P. 206 #14, P. 207 #16
For the second activity, read the announcement and answer the questions in Spanish. Bring book tomorrow too!
4 Future sentences
Fold your paper into 4 boxes
Include an example of the FUTURE tense using your A.B.C.D examples from your notes
Change your sentence.
In each box you need a sentence and a picture.
Coloring is extra credit!
Optional presentation on Monday!
Tarea #8: Copy vocabulary P. 218 (4B) in Spanish and English in the TAREA section of your comp. book.
Your 4A themed festival fyer is DUE Thursday!
Make sure you have images printed for the festival for 7 themed activities.
Include all the necessary requirements. Worth 40 points!
Print out the flyer and bring to class on Thursday, January, 28th.
Examen miércoles 4 A 27/1
Know vocabulary p. 194 (Spanish to English/English to Spanish)
Know to say how to to go places using the verb IR and A P, 180
Know the question words P. 184
Know the Question word Song
Tarea #7: P. 184 #15, P. 185 #16 (write out sentences)
Tarea #6:Accent Mark worksheet
Composition Books DUE Friday You should have 22 Entries!
Tarea #5: P. 180 #11 Copy letter using the verb IR to complete, P. 181 #12 answer ?'s in Spanish about the letter.
TAREA #4: Copy vocabulary P. 4A P> 194 in English and Spanish
Complete Quizlet 4A
Flashcards / Learn / Test / One Game!

40 Points You can do 1 more task for 10 Extra POINTS! DUE Friday at midnight
Libros mañana JUEVES
Tarea #3: P. 175#3, P. 176 #4
Partner Menus DUE Friday 8/1 Along with presentations
Tarea #2: P 154 #9, P. 157 #13 (write sentences for both activities)
TAREA #1: Verb conjugation chart worksheet
DUE Thursday!!!!
Letter to the 3 Kings DUE tomorrow!
You get an extra DAY!!!!!! I wanted to be able to clear up any questions you have on the project in class.
Hi! Don't forget the Carta a los Santos Reyes project due this Tuesday! It is the first grade going into the second semester gradebook! Happy New Year!
FInal Exams: Bring #2 pencil
Tuesday: 1,4
Wednesday: 2,5
Thursday: 3,6

No cell phones or electronic devices out during the entire final exam. They are to be put away in your backpack until all testing is over. If it is in your lap or your pocket, the exam will be taken from you. These are the rules to ensure academic honesty. There is an assignment to be completed over the vacation due on the day we get back January 5th. Have a great vacation!!!!
Core practice Organizer DUE in class tomorrow (70) points
QUizlet 3B Flashcards, Learn and Test due Modnight Friday
TAREA #9: DO both sides of the review worksheet for the Final Exam
TAREA #8: P. 158 #15 COPY paragraph, P. 159 #17
+++ALL LATE WORK DUE Monday DEC., 7th++++
TAREA #7: Translate 10 sentences from sentences in class to Spanish and draw a picture for each.
Tarea #6: P. 128 #4 Draw Venn Diagram and separate the foods in the picture by Breakfast/Lunch or Both(16) answers
Complete FLASHCARDS, LEARN and TEST by Saturday 11/28
30 points!
Tarea #5: P 132 #12, P. 133 #14 COPY the letter!
TAREA #4: Copy 2nd Column of vocabulary P.144 Spanish/English
TAREA #3: P. 144 1st column 3A vocabulary: Write Spanish word and draw a picture for breakfast,lunch and beverages vocabulary! Bring books too!
Poema de Preposiciones TOMORROW
Both meomorize the poem/Both present
*** All new moves for an A

1. Examen 2 B jueves 12/11

2. Mi sala de clases 2B Design classroom, 10 different labeled objects and 5 sentences in Spanish. DUE Thursday
1st period- Finish 30 word wordsearch on puzzlemaker.com DUE Thursday
Tarea #2: P. 104 #5, P. 110#15,16
TAREA #1: P. 107 #9 (write conversation) #10
Bring Books/2B Flashcards tomorrow! ALSO Quizlet 2B is due tonight!
Quizlet 2B: Complete Flashcards, Learn and Test!
1. Stampsheets were due with flashcards made from P,.120 We highlighted the Spanish side.
2. Movie worksheet is DUE tomorrow! (Friday)
3. QUIZLET 2B is due Monday might before midnight
You only have to complete: Flashcards, Learn and TEST
4. You computer created printed monster is DUE Monday Nov.2
Mi Monstruo: Make sure you write 5 sentences in Spanish about your monster and label 10 body parts in Spanish.
5. Bring your 2B flash cards tomorrow and everyday!
Bring books tomorrow! Bring 20 flashcards!
TAREA #9: P. 87 #18, P. 88 #20
#18: Conjugate the verbs in the YO form (1st column)
Conjugate the verbs in the NOSOTROS form (2nd column)
Conjugate the verbs in the Diego (él) form (3rd column)

DUE TOMORROW! Computer lab tomorrow!
TAREA #8: P. 85 #14, P. 86 #16 WRITE OUT ALL SENTENCES!
MEMORIZE your sentences for your presentation with your 5 objects in a bag!
Prepare and highlight your entries for your NOTEBOOK Check tomorrow!
Libro de Composición DUE viernes 16/10
1st 1/4 Composition Books are DUE
Make sure you highlight and make headings for each entry in your compositon book. They also need to be DATED!

There will be 22 entries.
En mi bolsa/mochila presentation DUE viernes
Bring your 5 objects and 10 sentences memorized.

Tengo una calculadora. Es para mi clase de matemáticas.
Quizlet 2A due Tuesday night 11:59 p.m. COMPLETE all 6 tasks
TAREA 8: 2A Vocabulary wordsearch (FIND ONLY 20 WORDS) Not all of them are there:) and FILL IN DUE VIERNES 9/10
New Class Participation points start 12/10
TAREA # 7: Copy down vocabulary from P. 96 Spanish/English and include SUBJECT chart and HABLAR chart
Country Packet DUE tomorrow with Neatly colored FLAG drawing on back
1. Use www.cia.gov and go to WORLD FACTBOOK to answer your questions about the Spanish Speaking country you and your partner were assigned at the Computer Lab.

2. Go to www.anyflag.com to Get a FLAG history for the rest of your questions and DRAWING,
1B Examen Tomorrow!
Study Pages; 55,60,62,70
TAREA #6: P.65 Comprendes Questions
Follow the model of the poem on p.59 about yourself.
Decorate and color your Poem in Spanish on a piece of computer paper.
Be prepared to share your poem with the class,
Use only vocabulary from the textbook. Escpecially page 70.
TAREA $4: P. 62 Activities #21/#22
TAREA #3: P. 54 #5,#6 P. 55 #7
RETAKES for 1A test are this Wednesday and Friday after school!
I have a meeting after school Thursday, so the days have changed. Be sure to bring your 3x each in Spanish and 1x in English to show me before you retake the 1A test. (P. 46)
Quizlet 1B Vocabulary set is DUE this Wednesday by midnight! ALL 6 tasks
21 Flag Countries Actvity DUE Monday 21/9
We spent the last 2 days working on our flag minproject.
Make sure you:color and cut out all the flags
Paste them in you comp book under classwork.Start with a fresh page.
Refer to you text book XVIII
Include next to each flag:
1. Country: México
Capital: México D.F.
Currency: Peso
Exports (List 3 of your choice) The flag next to it/taped or pasted

América Central

2, Guatemala, etc....
DO this for all the countries. Go in order of the book.

RETAKES 1A Examen 24/9 after school
YOU MUST write the vocabulary 3x each in Spanish and once in English.
Bring this to me the Thursday of the RETAKE all the vocabulary from P. 46.
TAREA #2: Copy vocabulary P.70 Spanish/English into TAREA in your comp book. Due lunes 21/9
Computer Lab Monday 21/9
TAREA #1: 2 Descriptions
Look at p.40-41 in your textbook
Write a description about yourself following one of the student models
Write another description about a friend or family member and use 1st person!
TAREA #10: El calendario
Bring Books Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays!
Do all the 7 Quizlet tests by Wednesday. Vocabulary 1A test Wednesday!
Make sure you know how to write all the vocabulary words and expressions from P. 46
TAREA #9; P30 #5, P36 #15 Write out all of the conversation.
Take a piece of computer paper and fold it in half.
Write 4 sentences. (one per box)
1. Me gusta ____
2.No me gusta ____
3. Me gusta ____ mucho
4. No me gusta nada ___
Include 4 colored pictures
Be ready to present this TUESDAY
BRING your textbook!
TAREA #8: P#29 #3&4
TAREA #7: Bring 20 flashcards and book tomorrow!
Complete the alphabet word sheet. Include the word in Spanish in each box, and a colored picture. If the word is a noun, use the correct "el" or "la" article. K, Ñ, W and RR can have words that contain those letters. The words do not have to start with those letters. Use page 484 for ideas.
TAREA #5: P. 15 #8,#9, P. 16 #10 WRITE OUT Bring books tomorrow and colored pencils. Don't forget to move all your work from DO to DONE on successnetplus.com PASSWORD YHSNixon1
TAREA #4: P.22-23 PE Vocabulario
Copy down the vocabulary from pages 22/23 into the TAREA section of your comp book. There should be 2 columns, SPANISH/ENGLISH, Also, include the headings. DUE Wednesday!
Bring 12 flashcards to class tomorrow!
TAREA #2: #'s 40-102
Write the #'s 40-102 in Spanish in the second 1/2 of your COMP BOOK
Include the title and date
41-cuarenta y uno
42-cuarenta y dos, etc. through 102

BRING your books tomorrow!
BRING your 12 flashcards for Friday!
Tarea #1: 10 Cognados E/S
Write down 10 Spanish cognates with their English translations.
Bring your books tomorrow!
Comp Book/Paper/2 pocket folder DUE MONDAY
Bring your textbooks to class lunes, martes y jueves!
Practice saying and writing the #'s 0-36, The letters of the alphabet and the days of the week in Spanish.
Syllabus SIGNED by parent DUE tomorrow!FRIDAY
Comp Book, Folder and Loose-leaf paper DUE Monday 17/8 (The date written in Spanish)
Bring books Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
¡Hola estudiantes!
I am excited to get to know all of you this school year! Make sure you come to class ready to learn and prepared to work hard! I am confident you will do well and will enjoy learning how to communicate with others in Spanish! Pay attention to get off to a great start. I am always available before school for any questions you may have. Tutoring is available on Thursdays in my room, L9. Looking forward to a great year! Sra. Nixon
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